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Why Hire a traffic attorney?


The stakes are high -- higher than you may realize. 

Many tickets in New York carry points on your license. In New York City, you cannot "plea bargain." If you are given a five-point cell phone ticket, you will get five points on your license -- unless you win at trial. 

At six points, you begin paying driver's assessment fees to the State of New York. 

At 11 points, you face the likelihood of a license suspension. 

At any number of points, you face increased insurance premiums and potential problems with employers, especially for professional drivers. 

We get results.

The reality of traffic court is that judges hear hundreds of cases a day, and motorists often use the same defenses.

"My phone fell to the floor."

"I did not have the phone in my hand."

"My car was stopped at a light."

"The sign was obstructed."

And so on. If these defenses worked, we would not be in business. Even if you heartily believe your defense should exonerate you, the judge probably won't. If it's your word against the word of a sworn police officer whose job is to issue tickets and testify in court, the odds are heavily stacked against you. 

That's where we come in. You are presumed innocent. The state must make a clear and convincing case against you. If the officer omits a small detail, is too vague, or contradicts herself, you will win. If the ticket itself is defective or contradictory, you will win. 

We know the law, the cops, and the judges. We use the system to our advantage, putting you in the best position to win. That's how you get a traffic ticket dismissed. 

No method is foolproof, and we offer no guarantees. But the best way to win in traffic court is to hire a savvy, experienced attorney.


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