3 Apps to Help You Avoid a Texting While Driving Ticket

Whether we are at work, in the middle of a class, or waiting at the DMV or doctor’s office, it is not uncommon for us to check our smartphones. However, we also have a tendency to use our phones while we’re driving. 

Unfortunately, not only can using your smartphone while behind the wheel lead to a texting-while-driving ticket, but it can also result in a car accident. To help us break this habit, software developers have created several apps to help you resist the urge to check your phone. 

The following are three safe driving apps you can use to keep you or your child out of trouble: 

  1. AT&T DriveMode – Available for both Android and iPhone users, this app turns off text notifications and sends calls straight to voicemail. Anyone who calls or texts you will receive an auto-reply that says you are currently on the road. Once you drive at least 25 MPH, DriveMode automatically turns on. For parents of young motorists, the app will send you a text message if your child turns off the app, auto-mode, or his/her phone’s GPS. 

  1. LifeSaver – Available for both Android and iPhone users, this app allows a loved one to set driving guidelines and keep track of the user’s behavior. LifeSafer also sends texts to the loved one if the user unlocks LifeSaver while driving. In addition, drivers can earn free wards for safe driving behavior. This app is also used by commercial fleets to ensure truckers avoid distracted driving while on the job. 

  1. DriveSafe.ly – Available for only Android users, this apps notifies drivers when they receive important information through their smartphones and even reads incoming texts and e-mails. 

Remember, texting while driving in New York City is punishable by a maximum fine of $200, a surcharge of up to $93, five points on your license, and even increased insurance rates. If you use one of the apps mentioned above, you may save yourself from harsh penalties. 

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