The Consequences of Ignoring an NYC Traffic Ticket

Whether it’s for parking in the same spot over the allotted timeframe or running a red light, it is easy to get a traffic ticket in New York City. Since New Yorkers lead busy lives, it is not uncommon to forget to contest or pay the ticket. Unfortunately, failure to take the necessary steps to address the traffic violation can result in harsher penalties. 

What Happens When I Ignore an NYC Moving Violation Ticket? 

When you are issued a ticket, you must follow the instructions on the citation and make a plea in a timely manner. Failure to submit a response by pleading guilty or not guilty within the state timeframe may eventually lead to driver’s license suspension. 

In general, if you fail to plead guilty or not guilty within five weeks or so, you will receive a notice that sets forth certain deadlines to enter a plea. Failure to enter a plea after the first deadline will result in license suspension. To have the suspension lifted, you must see a judge and pay a fee of up to $70. 

If you fail to enter a plea after the second deadline, you will automatically be found guilty (a default conviction). Additionally, you will have to pay an increased fine, as well as two separate suspension fees to lift all your suspensions on your license. 

What About Unpaid Camera & Parking Tickets? 

Failure to pay tickets for a parking or camera violation will lead to increased fines. For instance, failure to pay a parking ticket after 30 days passes will result in an additional $10 on top of the fine. The fine will increase by $20 on top of the initial increase after 60 days pass, followed by another increase of $30 on top of both increases ($60 total) after 90 days pass. 

When it comes to camera tickets, a $25 increase will be added to your fine after 30 days pass. Similar to parking tickets, after approximately 100 days, your case will be sent to judgment and your total amount will be subject to a nine-percent interest each year until the debt is fully paid.  

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