What Are the Consequences of a Texting While Driving Ticket?

Texting while driving is illegal in New York and carries hefty penalties when you are issued a ticket. This driving behavior is heavily enforced in New York City. According to Governor Cuomo, tickets for texting while driving in New York spiked by 840 percent from 2011 to 2016. They spiked another 50 percent by 2017. The crackdown on these tickets, also known as cell phone or distracted driving tickets, has been intense.

If you have been ticketed for texting while driving or for any other type of cell phone activity in any of the five boroughs or elsewhere in New York, you may want to consider fighting back as opposed to giving in and being stuck with the consequences, which are many. At Stites Law, we handle these types of traffic tickets on a routine basis. Having represented more than 125,000 individuals throughout the area, we have developed extensive experience, knowledge, and a familiarity with the system, the police officers who issue these tickets, and the judges who decide whether you are innocent or guilty.

The Consequences of a Texting While Driving Ticket

You can be pulled over for this citation if a police officer observes you holding a cell phone or any other type of electronic device in your hand. These devices can include MP3 players, iPods, gaming devices, or any device that has mobile data usage. Any portable device that diverts your attention away from the road and involves the use of your hands can qualify for a cell phone ticket. If a police officer thinks he or she has seen you fiddling around with or diverting your attention to an electronic device, you are in line for a ticket.

The consequences for being slapped with a texting while driving or other cell phone usage ticket include:

  • A fine of up to $200
  • Five points on your driving record
  • A surcharge of up to $93
  • Increased auto insurance premiums

Second offenses can carry heavier fines – up to $450. Each citation will add another five points to your license. If you already have any points on your license, a cell phone ticket can put you over the threshold of six points in an 18-month time period. This will mean an additional financial payout called a Driver Responsibility Assessment that will add a minimum of another $100 annually for three years. You may also be required to pay $25 a point over the six points you have accumulated yearly. As you can see, the financial consequences of a cell phone ticket can be heavy.

Learn How Your Ticket Can be Defended

If you are facing a texting while driving ticket along with the tough consequences listed above, you can fight back with our help. By discussing your case with one our experienced traffic ticket attorneys, you can learn the merits of your case and make an informed decision about how best to handle your citation. Stites Law is here to help you fight to preserve your driving record, avoid fines, and avoid the insurance ramifications of a ticket.

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