Staten Island Traffic Court

Some call Staten Island the Forgotten Borough.

If you’ve ever been to Staten Island’s traffic court, you might not feel the same way. Because it’s a place that’s so tough, it’s unforgettable.

Staten Island is, by far, the toughest traffic court in New York City, and perhaps the entire world.

As you may know, traffic tickets in New York City are adjudicated by the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). In the TVB, every case proceeds to trial and results in a finding of guilty or not guilty. This means there are no plea bargains or “deals” to be made. You either win or lose.

It’s a cruel system — and even crueler in New York City’s least-populous borough.

Per capita, the Staten Island TVB court has far more convictions, much higher fines, and more frequent suspensions than the other seven courts.

In Staten Island, you’re rarely safe, even if you have a clean record. You could be suspended for a relatively minor violation, even with a clean record — sometimes for reasons that boggle the mind.

Want some real-life examples?

  • Example 1: Motorist with a clean record is convicted of a six-point speeding ticket (21 to 30 miles over the limit). Gets suspended anyway. Why? Because there was a child passenger in the car.
  • Example 2: Motorist with a clean record is convicted of a five-point electronic device ticket. Gets suspended anyway. Why? The violation occurred on a narrow, residential street.

My office is one of the largest firms in the Staten Island TVB. We know the lay of the land there. It’s a very tough court, but we can help you avoid the many landmines that await unsuspecting motorists there.

We win a surprisingly high percentage of the time in Staten Island — considering the court, of course. In that court, you have to keep your expectations in check. We simply aren’t going to get as many tickets dismissed there as we are in a more favorable court.

Even when we don’t win — which, in Staten Island, is most of the time — we know how to minimize the damage and to avoid suspensions.

If you got a ticket in Staten Island TVB, contact my office today for the best chance at a good outcome.