What Are the Penalties for an HOV Lane Violation in New York?

Imagine you’re sitting in traffic on the highway, helplessly watching the clock melt time closer and closer toward your deadline. Whatever your engagement is, you know you can’t be late, but you begin to accept the reality that you will be. So much for that job interview, first date, or whatever…

Then, you think of doing something you wouldn’t normally do. You notice the vehicles in the HOV lane are moving much more quickly. You wonder if just this one time you should break the law and dive into that lane. A few minutes pass and you realize you’re going nowhere fast, so as soon as it’s safe to do, you merge into the HOV lane and take your chance.

You only save yourself a few minutes more until you see red and blue lights in your rear-view mirror – so what happens now?

New York HOV Lane Violation Penalties

An HOV lane violation isn’t the worst possible ticket to get on its own, but it can mean a lot more if it’s one of several moving violations you get convicted of in an 18 month period. An HOV lane ticket can mean adding three additional points against your driving record, which can push some people over the edge and into a license suspension.

Your fine also won’t be cheap – HOV lane violators can expect to pay more than $100 in fines and court fees if they don’t even attempt to fight their tickets.

Who Can Use a Carpool or HOV Lane?

Drivers who can use carpool or HOV lanes are those with one or more passengers, those with hybrid or electric vehicles cleared by the Department of Transportation’s Clean Pass Program (regardless of passenger count), and motorcycles.

If you cross into an HOV lane and don’t meet one of these requirements, you could be pulled over and written a citation. You can also get a ticket regardless of whether or not you meet these requirements if you pull into or out of an HOV lane anywhere other than the designated entry point or when an officer determines it is unsafe to do so.

You Can Fight Your Ticket!

An HOV lane violation ticket can take a bite out of your wallet and driving record, but it doesn’t have to! If you need to fight your ticket, we at Stites Law can help. We’ve assisted thousands of clients when they needed to fight traffic tickets, helping an overwhelming majority beat the odds!

If you want help fighting an HOV lane ticket, contact Stites Law online today!