Understanding the Driver Responsibility Assessment in NY

What Is the Driver Responsibility Assessment?

In New York, the Driver Responsibility Assessment is a fee you must pay to the DMV during a three-year period. This is a penalty that applies as a result of certain traffic offenses or when a driver accumulates six or more points on their driving record within 18 months.

Why Do I Have to Pay the Driver Responsibility Assessment?

The purpose of the Driver Responsibility Assessment is to improve road safety by disincentivizing drivers from engaging in behaviors that put other motorists at risk.

The assessment is often applied in DWI-related incidents. These include convictions for DWI or refusal to submit to a chemical test for blood alcohol content. That said, any traffic law violations that accumulate six or more points in a year-and-a-half timeframe can put alleged violators at risk of the same assessment.

How Much Do I Have to Pay?

The Driver Responsibility Assessment fee depends on the type of violation you’re convicted of and the number of points on your driving record.

You have the option to pay the assessment in one year or over a course of three years. The amount is the same either way, but I advise that you pay it in one year, if you can afford to do so. That way, you’ll make sure that you do not forget to pay it in future years, triggering a needless suspension.

The assessment fees for drivers involved in non-DWI traffic violations are must less costly, but still significant. For example, accumulating six points on your driving record within 18 months incurs a $300 assessment. The amount goes up $75 for each additional point over six.

Points are also a lot easier to accumulate than people think. Here’s how:

Can I Avoid the Driver Responsibility Assessment?

Yes! With help from an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in New York, you can avoid facing the Driver Responsibility Assessment by fighting your traffic ticket. Stites Law can provide the legal assistance you need to beat the allegations against you and fight to dismiss your ticket or reduce the potential penalties.

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