Ignore This Notice!

Ignore This Notice!

Did we get your attention? Good.

Because the DMV is trying to, well, **** with you.

A few weeks before your hearing date, you can expect to receive a letter in the mail like the one above.

You will also receive a similar letter in the mail a few weeks after your ticket is issued.

This notice is meant to trick you.

If you hired my office for a ticket, throw this piece of paper in the trash.

Do not appear virtually.

Do not submit a statement in place of personal appearance.

And do not send in a payment, like the notice implies you should. If you send in a payment for your ticket, you are pleading guilty and your driver's license will be affected.

If you've hired my office to fight the ticket in question, you can, and should, ignore any notices the DMV sends you that are intended to confuse, bully, and intimidate you into waiving your right to a trial.

I am on your side. The DMV is not.

I am fighting for you. The DMV is trying to confuse you.

Please, please don't let them do that.