Driving in NYC? Don't Turn Right at a Red Light.

If you want to make a right turn at an intersection with a red light, what do you do?

In most places throughout the U.S., including most of the state of New York, you can turn after coming to a full stop (and when it’s safe to go). This is assuming there is no posted sign indicating that a turn at a red light is prohibited, but things work in the opposite manner in New York City.

Throughout its five boroughs, New York City automatically forbids right turns at red lights. This means that unless you see a sign indicating that you can turn right at a red light, doing so can result in a traffic ticket.

Penalties for Turning Right on Red in New York City

If you turn on a red light at an intersection in New York City, you may be cited for a red light traffic violation.

The penalties for a conviction of this violation can include the following:

  • Minimum fine of $190
  • Additional surcharge of up to $93
  • Three points against your driving record (11 or more points within an 18-month period triggers a license suspension)
  • Potentially greater insurance premiums

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