Stites Law Now Licensed to Practice in New Jersey

Stites Law has not gone international, not yet anyway. But we’ve crossed the Hudson River. 

Yes, that’s rightAs of now, Steve Stites is licensed to practice in New Jersey. 

The Garden State. The Jerz. 

Birthplace of Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Jack Nicholson, Jon Bon Jovi and of course, the Boss. Home of Taylor Ham (or pork roll — it’s a hotly contested debate), the Shore, and maybe even a Devil that roams the Pine Barrens

So, if you get a traffic ticket heading to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, or driving down to your cottage in Cape May, or just grabbing yourself a hoagie (or sub?) in New Jersey with extra prosciutto, call us. 

Stites Law. Now in New Jersey. 

Cheers, and happy summer,

Steve & the team at Stites Law, LLP