Man texting and driving

How Many Points is Texting and Driving Worth in NY?

In New York state, every driving infraction carries a point value. When NY drivers get too many points within 18 months, they may face license suspension. While this is certainly a strong incentive to drive safely, license-holders may not realize that each infraction is weighed differently. Understanding how many points each infraction is worth encourages drivers to exercise caution before getting on the road.

Point Values By Infraction

Keep in mind, if drivers earn more than 6 points in 18 months, they must submit to a fine and a driver assessment. If they amass 11 points or more, they face license suspension.

Additionally, points only apply to infractions made while the vehicle is in motion. Parking violations, for example, do not add points.


1-10 over the limit – 3pts

11-20 over the limit – 4pts

21-30 over the limit) – 6pts (Instant driver assessment)

31-40+ over the limit – 11pts (instant suspension)


Ran stop sign/stop light – 3pts

Fail to Yield – 3pts

Unsafe Passing – 3pts

Following Too Closely – 3pts

Other Moving Violations – 2pts


Reckless Driving – 5pts

Fail to Stop for a School Bus – 3pts

Railroad Crossing Violation – 3pts

Hit and Run – 3pts

Child Restraint Violation – 3pts


Improper Cellphone Use – 5pts

Texting While Driving – 5pts

Maintenance Infractions

Inadequate Brakes (Driver’s Car) – 4pts

Inadequate Brakes (Employers Car) – 2pts

A Balanced System?

Notice that values are assigned so that it’s difficult to lose a driver’s license over any two infractions. The point values also seem somewhat arbitrary. Hypothetically, someone could drive on the wrong side of the highway three times and keep their license, while someone could lose their license over texting three times.

Fighting to keep a driver’s license suspension starts by understanding what these values are worth and then speaking to a New York revoked license attorney about the case.

If you’re at risk of receiving points on your license, you may wish to contest. If you’d like to discuss your case with an experienced New York revoked license attorney from Stites Law, please send us an email or call (212) 729-0472.