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NY’s License Points System Explained

Most New York drivers know it’s bad to add points to their license. However, the intricacies of the license points system can feel complicated. That’s why it’s important for every New Yorker with a driver's license to understand how the system works and what it means.

The Points System

In New York, each driving infraction performed while operating the vehicle comes with a point value. When drivers receive a ticket, that value is added to their driving record. If drivers receive more than 11 points within 18 months, their license may be suspended. If drivers accumulate more than half of their points within the same time frame, they must submit to a driver assessment.

Driver Assessment:

If a driver adds at least six points to their record within a year and a half, they must take a Driver Responsibility Assessment and pay a test fee of $25 per point accumulated. This can be devastating for some drivers as even two relatively minor infractions can mean choosing between groceries and driving to work.


Generally, points only apply when the vehicle is in motion. Violations that do not directly endanger others usually don’t add points to a driver’s license. That means parking violations and failed inspections don’t put drivers at risk of losing their license.


Drivers face license suspension when they accumulate 11 points. This means that they cannot drive until their suspension is ended. Additionally, a license suspension comes with a fee of $100. A license suspension can be costly without an experienced attorney to contest the charges.

If you’re at risk of receiving points on your license, you may wish to contest. If you’d like to discuss your case with an experienced New York revoked license attorney from Stites Law, please send us an email or call (212) 729-0472.