Can I Really Get a Ticket for Double Parking?

As the busiest major metropolitan area in the United States, New York city may have more cars on its streets on any given day than anywhere else in the United States. With so much traffic on the road, odds are you’ve seen at least a few cars double parking whether you’ve been walking or driving past them.

Double parking isn’t something to which most people give much attention. Unless you’re another motorist who’s sitting behind a double-parked car waiting for its owner to return, chances are this relatively common traffic violation doesn’t have as much impact on your life. And yes, double parking is against the law in New York City for the most part! We’ll get into that later on, but for now, let’s really talk about what double parking is and is not.

What Is Double Parking?

Double parking is a phenomenon that can cause a headache if you find yourself having to maneuver around these cars a lot – especially on an already busy street! Double parking occurs when someone parks their car parallel to another lawfully parked car, such that the first car is stopped in the travel lane.

In case it isn’t clear why this is a problem, it can mean that cars behind a double-parked vehicle on a narrow one-way road may have to wait for the owner to return to proceed. If the double-parked vehicle is blocking one of the travel lanes on a two-way street, obstructed motorists might be tempted to use the oncoming traffic lane to maneuver around it.

Double parking further congests already congested roads and it presents unnecessary obstacles for people to avoid when attempting to use these roads. Typically, certain commercial vehicles are the only ones that can double park in New York City. Any other everyday motorist like you or us? Not so much.

Why Do People Double Park?

Although double parking is illegal for most motorists in New York City, people may think it’s OK to do because they see so many others doing it. Most of the time, people double park when they need to make a quick pick-up or drop-off. They park their vehicle, perhaps turn on their hazards, and leave to go about their business.

Lots of people might get the impression that this is OK to do because their errands are so brief that they aren’t around long enough to get ticketed. It is, however, a mistake to interpret not getting caught as parking enforcers’ endorsing or turning a blind eye to double parking.

Penalties for Double Parking in New York City

By now, you’re probably wondering how bad a double-parking ticket in New York City is going to hurt. The answer to that is what $115 means to you because that’s what these infractions will set someone back by. The good news is that double-parking isn’t a moving violation, so like all parking tickets, you won’t get any points added to your driving record if you get a double-parking ticket.

Can I Dispute a Parking Ticket in New York City?

Yes! Not many people realize you can dispute parking tickets in New York, but you certainly can. You may even want to if you get a hefty $115 double-parking ticket and can prove you were not in violation of the law.