Child Seat Tickets in New York

New York takes child safety in vehicles very seriously – so much so that there are a few very specific requirements for how children should sit in any given vehicle.

Drivers who fail to adhere to these requirements can be pulled over and ticketed by law enforcement. Should that occur, hiring a traffic lawyer can help them mitigate expensive fines, points against their driving record, and other consequences of violating the child seat laws.

New York’s Child Seat Laws

NY VTL 1229-c outlines the state’s requirements for how children of all ages should be seated in a vehicle. Generally speaking, all children younger than 8 years old must be restrained by a properly secured child restraint system.

Here’s are a few highlights of New York’s child seat laws:

  • Children younger than 2 must sit in a rear-facing car seat. This means their car seat can’t face in the vehicle’s direction of travel.
  • When a child weighs less than 40 pounds and is younger than 4, they must be secured in a convertible car seat.
  • Children between 4 and 7, or those weighing more than 40 pounds, should be restrained in a booster seat. This seat should secure them with a lap and shoulder belt.
  • All occupants ages 8 and older (including adults) must wear a seatbelt regardless of where they’re seated in the vehicle.

New York Child Seat Law Penalties

If a driver is ticketed for improperly securing a child in their vehicle, they can face a $100 fine and three points against their driving record. Although not a consequence imposed by the courts, auto insurance premiums can go up after a conviction for this violation.

Drivers must also be aware of children who unbuckle themselves, as some are inclined to do. Unless you immediately and safely address a child’s unbuckled seat, you can be ticketed for this violation.

In some cases, child seat violations occur in tandem with other driving violations, such as speeding or running a red light. An officer who stops a driver for one of these moving violations might also inspect a child’s seating arrangement. If the officer discovers a child seat violation, there can be enhanced penalties for the combination of violations.

Get a Traffic Lawyer on Your Side

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