5 Driving Tips for New York City

Whether you’re driving through New York City this summer as a local or a visitor, it never hurts to learn how to avoid a traffic ticket. The traffic laws in New York City can be must different than the rest of the state, let alone other parts of the country. For this reason, everyone who plans on driving around here can benefit from learning a few key driving tips.

1. Everyone Must Always Wear a Seatbelt

A relatively new law took effect in 2020 that requires all occupants of a vehicle to wear a seatbelt. Previously, adults in the back seat could choose whether or not to buckle up. Now, however, drivers can be ticketed when any occupant in their vehicle isn’t wearing a seat belt.

2. Don’t Use Your Smartphone While Driving

Using any handheld device, but especially smartphones, is illegal while driving in New York City. It doesn’t matter if you were talking or texting – if your device is in your hand while your vehicle is in motion, you can get a ticket.

You can use a hands-free device or feature in your car, and the only exception to holding your phone while moving is if you’re on the phone with 9-1-1.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Honking

While it’s not illegal to use your car horn to alert others in appropriate situations, you can get a ticket for unnecessary honking under other circumstances. These tickets come with a fine of about $350, so they’re nothing to take lightly!

4. Don’t Turn Right on Red

As we mentioned before, the rules of the road are a little different in NYC. While it’s OK to make a right turn at an intersection on a red light, this is illegal to do in New York City unless a sign indicates otherwise.

5. Don’t Block the Box

You’ll see signs warning you not to “block the box.” This means that you shouldn’t put yourself in a situation where you’ll end up stuck in the intersection when the light changes. If you have a green light but can’t make it all of the way through the intersection in time, it’s best to wait for another opportunity.

Did You Get a Traffic Ticket in New York City?

If you got a traffic citation in New York City, don’t worry. Our traffic lawyers at Stites Law can help you defend against the alleged violation. Our efforts can help you avoid penalties that can include fines and points against your driving record.

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