How Long Do Points Stay on My Driving Record?

If you are convicted of a traffic violation in New York, any points incurred against your driving record persist for a year and a half. This is important to know because being aware of how many points are on your driving record at any given time is crucial. Once the number of points against your driving record reaches 11 or greater, a license suspension is very likely.

Because points against your driving record remain for 18 months, it’s important to ensure that you limit the potential for gaining any more as much as possible. It’s a lot easier to rack up points than most people expect.

For example, a cell phone ticket conviction incurs five points against your driving record while running a red light gets you three more. For those keeping score, that’s eight points for two relatively simple driving errors. That means you’re only one or two more traffic tickets away from losing your driving privileges, and every time you get in your car is a gamble for the next 18 months after the first ticket.

How Do I Avoid Points on My Driving Record?

You can avoid incurring points against your driving record by pleading guilty to your violation and taking a defensive driving school program. These can be done online or on the weekend, but they cost money on top of what you have to pay in fines and court fees for your violation.

For a lot of people facing enough points to get a license suspension, seeking a traffic attorney’s assistance to fight their tickets can help. By hiring legal counsel to defend you in traffic court, you can have a better chance of avoiding penalties or facing mitigated penalties for the alleged traffic violation.

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