What Happens If I Miss My Traffic Court Date?

If you have a traffic court date, it can be hard to carve time out of your busy schedule to make it. You may have work obligations or are unable to find childcare support, or you simply might forget that you had to appear in court at all.

Consequences of Missing Traffic Court

A lot of people wonder what will happen if they miss a traffic court date, and many incorrectly assume that it’s no big deal. While it’s unlikely that there will be a bench warrant put out for your arrest, you can face serious consequences in other ways.

If you miss your traffic court date, chances are your license will be suspended. Not only does this worsen your legal situation, but it can mean paying more in fines and court fees. If you are caught while driving on a suspended license, which is a crime, you may be arrested, face up to $500 in additional fines, and even go to jail for up to 30 days.

What If I Think I’ll Miss My Traffic Court Date?

If you think you’ll be unable to attend your traffic court date, not all hope is lost – but you must act quickly.

If you need to postpone your hearing, you must inform the court at least 10 business days before it would occur. This gives the court an opportunity to reschedule your hearing’s date and time to one that may work better for you.

Keep in mind, however, that rescheduling your date isn’t a given – especially if you’ve already rescheduled once before. If you are attempting to reschedule for the first time, you can increase your odds of success – and chances of overcoming your traffic ticket – by seeking help from a traffic law attorney.

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A traffic law attorney can be a valuable advocate to have in traffic court, especially if you are facing a traffic violation that could add enough points to your record to suspend your license.

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